James (Jim) Bruce

Profession– Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Hendrix College
Family– Married for 49 years to Carolyn Yarger Bruce with two daughters and five grandchildren all living in Conway.
Hobbies– I’m a movie buff and I like to travel, been to Poland eight or nine times.
Preferred type of cycling– I cycle mostly for the exercise, running errands around town on my Specialized hybrid. My wife and I ride a tadpole tandem, Terra Trike, around our neighborhood for the exercise.
Why CAB is important to me– I joined CAB in 2009 and became a League Cycling Instructor, certified by the League of American Bicyclist, to promote safe cycling in Conway. People should have an option to the automobile, one that provides greater opportunities for exercise, inexpensive transportation, and protection of the environment. Besides, riding a bicycle is fun.
Other community activities– In addition to have had the position of president of CAB, I have also served as president of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association, the Arkansas Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Arkansas Conference of the American Association of University Professors.


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