Group Rides

You can join the Conway Cycling Facebook Group to link up with local riders and to receive announcements regarding regular and impromptu rides.

Spring/Summer 2024: Our evening group rides begin March 11. We meet at the McGee center north parking lot at 5:30; April 15 we will shift to a 6pm start time. (Our groups rides officially end with the end of daylight savings time in November.)  Typically there are three groups: a fast paced A group, (20 mph plus) going about 30-35 miles; a moderate pace B group (about 15-17 mph average) going about 23 miles; a medium pace C group (about 13-15 mph). We have just started a D group, mainly for new or returning riders, with a pace of about 10-12 mph, and a distance of about 10-15 miles usually within Conway and using our trail and route system. Our typical B and C group route goes out Hogan to Donnell Ridge Road, to the new airport (C group might stop at the airport or Schaefer’s Farm) and back on Old Military road, for about 23 miles; typically A group will go to Mayflower for a slightly longer ride. The B and C group rides are “no drop” rides–we leave no one behind.  Helmets required, lights recommended. Rides are officially cancelled if the heat index is over 100.

Sometimes there are Saturday morning rides from the parking at Antioch Baptist church, 150 Amity road. Again, typically two groups, A and B, but longer rides, 30 to 40+ miles. Check our Facebook Group page for the latest: Conway Cycling (CAB).   JOIN US!

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