Ken Sobel – Board Secretary

Profession– Professor of psychology at UCA
Family– I’m married with one daughter
Hobbies– origami, woodworking, swimming, and reading
Preferred type of cycling– I enjoy commuting to work, getting around town on a bicycle rather than a car (trips to the doctor and dentist, grocery shopping, restaurants downtown), and bicycling for exercise.
Why CAB is important to me– I’ve always loved cycling for so many reasons (stress relief, exercise, avoidance of irritations associated with driving such as fluctuating gasoline prices and difficulty parking, and of course it’s great fun) that I try to encourage others to cycle as well. Because I’m not much of a proselytizer, CAB gives me the opportunity for gentle encouragement through monthly community rides and special events such as the fall classic.

Ken Sobel
Ken Sobel (on the right) with riding crew at the end of the 2017 Big Dam Bridge 100.
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