Peter Mehl

Profession– Retired Professor of Philosophy & Religion, UCA
Family- My wife, Shelley, works for Arkansas Community Foundation; my older daughter, Rachel, works as plant manager at SFI in Conway; my younger daughter, Maggie, works as a family nurse practitioner at Access Medical Clinic in Greenbrier. I have two granddaughters, Maddie and Whitney.
Hobbies– Besides cycling, some gardening, landscaping and home remodeling projects.
Preferred type of cycling- Road touring and some gravel. I especially like Adventure Cycling’s fully supported tours. I have toured with them in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota and in Washington state, as well as completing their South Tier transcontinental tour. I have also ridden 1700 miles through India with DTA Global Cycling.
Why CAB is important to me– CAB is a valuable organization because it helps Conway achieve a higher quality of life, providing more options for recreation and transportation. Conway still has a ways to go to be really bike-friendly and I like contributing to the community effort through CAB.
Other community activities– I served on Conway’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.

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