Erik Leamon

Profession– Co-owner/operator of The Ride
Family- Erik works alongside his wife of 28 years in our local bicycle store.  They have four children, Kelly 23, Felicity 21 (married three years to Mason Choate, famous commentator on the Razorbacks), Joshua 18, and Caleb 14.

Hobbies– Enjoys any and every mode of cycling, running, hiking, waterfall hunting, reading, bird watching, lifting weights, racquetball, and just about anything in the great outdoors.
Preferred type of cycling- YES

Why CAB is important to me– It’s wonderful to be a part of a cycling club in our community, it is a great way to connect with other cyclists on and off the bike, as well as to work alongside others in making our city a better place to ride.
Other community activities– Has been a NICA MTB coach for many a year, attends City Church where he occasionally teaches, and leads several Bible studies each week.

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