Join The CAB May Bike Challenge!

Bike Month Winners!

Chris McCauley won in all categories! He rode 1,094 miles,  77 trips on 31 days! 

Second was Kai Caddy; he rode 782 miles, 42 trips and rode every day; 21 days he rode to work!

Third was Noah Bandy; he rode 654 miles, 23 trips and he rode 21 days. 

Fourth was Lori Ross; she rode 491 miles, 17 trips and rode 17 days.  

Fifth was Debbie Turner, 316 miles and 13 trips, and

Sixth was Jeannine Betts 225 miles and 17 trips.

Congratulations to our winners!

May is Bike Month! The Coronavirus is not going to stop us from celebrating and encouraging cycling in Central Arkansas. Across the country May Bike Month is full of cycling activities designed to encourage everyone to get out and ride. Events like Bike to School and Bike to Work, encourage kids to start riding to school and adults to stop driving everywhere always.

Conway Advocates for Bicycling is challenging you to get out and ride!

What’s in it for you? Well to name a few of the benefits:
Improved health!
Here’s the challenge; show us your stuff!

1) Use Strava to log your miles, and join the CAB club on Strava.

2) Then go to The Love to Ride site ( and register for the National Bike Challenge. Search for the Conway Advocates for Bicycling club and join. Make sure you select “automatically upload rides from Strava.”

CAB Board members are ineligible; only residents of Faulkner County are eligible; only one prize per person; remember this is for fun.

What are the prizes? Gift certificates to The Ride bike shop.

Post your progress on social media; go to CAB group: “Conway Cycling” to post.
Let others know about what you are doing.
Challenge others and invite family and friends to join in.

Legalize: this is all for fun and the final decision for the prizes are up to the esteemed panel of judges. Prizes are not commensurate with the level of effort, meaning if you ride 5,000 miles you are NOT going to win a really expensive prize. Again this is for fun. Entries received after June 6th 2020 will not be counted. Prizes will be awarded before the end of June. By participating in this challenge including sending us your photos you give us permission to use your photos, names, likenesses and images in CAB emails and/or on the CAB website. This event is voluntary and CAB cannot be held liable for injuries occurred while attempting these challenges. Winners will be notified by email. Prizes not picked up before the end of July will be used for other purposes. All decisions are final. Cheaters and ne’er-do-wells will be disqualified.
Remember! Have fun and be safe!

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